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Aegis-Tactical, LLC is Florida’s premier firearms safety training organization offering our clients a full complement of classes designed to give you peace of mind. We also offer a wide variety of quality firearms and accessories for sale as well as offer gunsmith services. We believe that your best defense is to be educated, well-equipped and knowledgeable about your safety. We offer the highest qualified instructors in areas of:

  • Firearms Training
  • Concealed Weapons/Firearms License courses
  • Self Defense training
  • Florida Statewide Firearms (“G”) license courses for armed security guards
  • CPR training

Our instructors are held to the highest standards and are dedicated to providing you with the knowledge and skills to safely and proficiently handle a firearm and to physically protect yourself from peril. We put all our time and effort into our courses and our continued education. We are not trying to sell you memberships, firearms or equipment.

Our goal is clear; your personal safety and that of your family is our highest priority.

We proudly support:

If you decide not to use us for your firearms training make sure that wherever you go the instructors are licensed, certified and insured, as well as have continued their training. Any licensed and certified instructor will proudly display their credentials.