Private One-on-One Lessons



One Hour Private Lessons Tired of shooting high and to the left? Wish you could improve your grouping and overall accuracy when firing in quick succession? Or simply want to hone your already sound skills and get new ideas and techniques from some of Manatee County’s finest marksmen? Well private lessons can work for you. We offer 1 hour one-on-one sessions with our highly trained and qualified instructors. You dictate the topic and the pace. Know something is wrong with your technique but are unsure what the issue is? We will analyze your shooting technique, firearm manipulation and all round performance and provide feedback that can enable you to become a more adept shot. This isn’t to say you are a bad shot; maybe you just want to be better. If you want to be competition level, we can help. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced shooter, we tailor the sessions to meet your specific needs. Our certified instructors have backgrounds in Law Enforcement, NRA Certified LE Firearms Instruction, Firearms and Tactical SME, CQB Instruction and more. You can also earn your certification to obtain your Florida Concealed Weapons License through our private lessons. Save when you buy multiple lessons. SAVE!!


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