45LC (Long Colt)

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  • HORNADY 92792 LEVEREV 45COLT 225 FTX 20-round



  • nburch says:

    Excellent Class And Instructors

    Took the Defensive Shooting Class this past weekend. It was a great time. The class was informative, the instructors were knowledgeable and cared about what they were teaching. If all you are doing is shooting at a range, take this class. It will tremendously help your self defense abilities.

  • edward lutz says:

    I take this class at least once a year and it is excellent from novice to refining expert! You get to learn new tactics and never look at any situation ever the same be it sighting, reloading, room entry, variable positions and other hand gun/rifle applications. Let’s put it this way – if you have you or your family’s life on the line what good is a $1,000 hand gun if you have $0 invested in your training in how to use it?

  • Capt. Sara says:

    I took this course and found the leaks in my self protection firearms training. It is time for another review. I will be taking this course again.

  • Bill tominosky says:

    I’m in Canada. I’ll miss this sale but will stop by in Late September. Thanks for the info.

  • Thelma Jean Jones says:

    I’ve been contemplating for awhile about conceal and carry. I need to know more about the laws on it.

  • Tommy Hagood says:

    Happy Thanksgiving. Is there a pistol version of the rifle?

  • Bill Pollak says:

    Any chance you’ll make a .308 variant of the rifle? I’d definitely be interested in one of those!

  • Amy says:

    Lindsey was Professional, knowledgeable & made even the basic things interesting. The class helped me to feel better equipped in an emergency situation to protect myself and/or my family. I am thankful for Lindsey’s passion & passing along what information may be important from a woman’s standpoint. I look forward to coming back for the advanced training in the future!

  • Fred Catalano says:

    Thank you and thank god for we live in America I’m a vet and thank you Aggies for your support in getting info and guns and teaming out there as I am a gun advocates more of us law abiding sitizens with guns the safer we all are thank you again a veteran I’m from ny and I took your Florida safety cores as o have a ny pistol c c permit I thAnk you all again good job

  • Fred Catalano says:

    Thank you Aggies for all u do for education on gun safety and getting good people weapons to protect them selfs and others they love
    Good job

  • Betty Anne Grillo says:

    I have recommended this class to friends and colleagues. I feel much more confident and prepared since taking this class and urge women to do the same. It’s all about being safe, prepared, and coming home to your family.

  • Charlie Lee says:

    Joe Krawtschenko’s class of “BASIC FIREARMS TRAINING FOR FLORIDA CONCEALED WEAPONS LICENSE” was outstanding in every regard as he thoroughly discussed the most pertinent aspects of the safe handling of firearms and ammunition, basics of handgun precision shooting coupled with handgun selection and relevant Florida laws for carrying a concealed weapon. Professional, comfortable and relaxed classroom environment and a great value —everything you could ask for in this class.

  • Jean Lejnar says:

    Whoever wrote this piece, in my opinion, is a very good writer. It is refreshing to read something that makes an excellent point, does so in a meaningful, intelligent, well-written way and makes it fun to read. Great Job!

  • Jackie Durant says:

    Aegis is the best place to go for your CWP. Several members of my family took the CWP class from them and the instructors are the best around. I take private lessons from them and the instructors are patient, show you the correct way to handle your gun and they answer all your questions (yes even the ones you think are stupid)This is the only place to go for your CWP. I would not recommend anywhere else to go to get your CWP.

  • Thomas says:

    I completed this class with Kevin Murphy almost 1 year ago now. I left the class feeling more comfortable in my ability to defend myself and my family. What most impressed me was the way we were challenged to think about how we would react in different scenarios and ensuring we would be acting lawfully; Kevin did a superb job ensuring we were clear on the intricacies of self-defense laws in Florida. I still remember the course like it was yesterday and I’ll never forget it. Excellent, thank you!

  • Brian says:

    My wife and I took the class with Kevin. We both appreciated his instruction style and information provided. We will both conceal carry confidently with the information we learned. Thanks Kevin and Aegis Tactical for the great class and experience!

  • Chris Shaw says:

    Thanks Aegis for that great blog and suggestions / tips on CWL guns. Your best point was in going out, testing, and FIRING any CWL weapon you think might fit the bill. When I finally decided to graduate from a revolver to an automatic weapon, everyone said Glock! Glock! Glock! Well, I have small hands, and no Glock on market (at time) felt right. A former police officer friend of mine– and handgun collector- suggested Smith & Wesson’s M&p line of handguns. These all come with up to 3 different back straps which allow you to “fit” the gun better to your palm size. Perfect- and I now own THREE M&p 9mms, including the Shield- which is my CWL carry choice. As a side note…. Glock has now began offering handguns with several grip back strap options. Go figure. Thanks again

    ChrisS / East Manatee

  • Matt Hahnke says:

    Just one point I would add to this…you CAN get squibs from shitty factory ammo like Winchester White Box, particularly if you get it from someplace like WalMart. It’s happened to me and it’s no joke, you DO need to pay attention when stuff like this happens.

  • Arda Letson says:

    Very informative!! Thanks for the share????

  • Tom Leddy says:

    These Glock guns are so ugly I only have 3! HA!
    When I’m ready for a 4th you’ll be seeing me.

  • Victoria says:

    Great article. I’ve been bickering on social media with a group of ppl who live in my county, about guns being stolen from cars repeatedly – maybe two-three reports every month for at least two years. I belong to a Facebook group that people report crimes on and it happens every week almost. Somebody lost a gun in a car break-in.

    My opinion is that IF you are going to leave your gun in your car 24/7, you should lock it up. Not slip it in the glovebox, under the seat, or above the visor. I believe you owe your community the respect of being responsible for the gun at all times, which includes ensuring it’s out of easy reach of thieves.

    I’ve been attacked by numerous people telling me I’m “siding with the thieves” because people have a right to leave their items including guns, in their cars. I’ve been called many names, insulted, even phone called with harassing calls by people who don’t believe that gun owners should be responsible enough to put their guns in a car safe, OR take them inside their homes, at night.

    So I’m glad to find at least one person in the USA, who tends to believe like I do-that there are alternatives to leaving one’s gun readily available in a car.

  • Victoria says:

    I’d like to also comment on social media as well: in the arguments I’ve had online with people in my county, I’m constantly amazed at the ones who tell EVERYTHING about themselves which is just sitting on social media ripe for thieves. People tell how many guns they own, where they stash them (usually in their car), where they live, and so on — they think they’re talking big, bragging, or intimidating potential thieves. I am confident people are looking at their comments & putting them on short lists as targets. I am really just amazed at how ridiculous people are sometimes, in letting their egos get the best of them.

  • Victoria says:

    In my county in Missouri, we get reports almost every week of someone having gun stolen from their automobile. I don’t get why it continues to happen, in the same county. Don’t people read or pay attention? You’d think after one or two times, gun owners would wise up and figure out that it’s NOT a great idea to leave your gun under your car seat in your driveway.

    Yet again and again, our county experiences gun thefts that seem like they could be avoided, simply by the owner taking precaution to make it harder to steal. Most of the car break-ins we are experiencing seem to be grab and go–I don’t think thieves are going to spend much time trying to pry open or pry out, a gun safe in a car. I’ve made this point on our local forum, and in return have been harassed and called all kinds of names by people who tell me I’m “taking the side of thieves” instead of sympathizing with the victims — saying I have no “right” to criticize the victims of gun thefts. etc etc.
    I don’t get that mindset — and have given up defending myself b/c I realize you can’t fix stupid people…and that’s who I am dealing with at this point.

    Thanks again.

  • Eve Schornstein says:

    Well Said !!

  • damn right!!obummer is causing a racial divide in this country .. we need to get back to our roots and MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN

    p.s the captcha took me a few tries whats fifteen – 3 lol

  • Dave says:

    I hear more and more stories about people having their guns stolen from leaving them in their car. I don’t know how thiefs know they have a gun in their car but it is like they somehow know

  • Gregory says:

    If you ever decide to take your gun with you in the car. Make sure to hide it well. If you park your car on some shady parking lot, and have the gun visible. Well, then you can expect to have your window broken when you return.

    With guns come responsibilities, think twice before you leave your gun in the car

  • Kevin says:

    Please show more photos/both sides of this holster. Mr. Joe you have peaked my interest but can and will you please do one of the famous Mr. Joe and Mr. Tom videos to show us just how this holster wares.
    Thank you.

  • Eve Schornstein says:

    Great article and well worth the read. Thanks for opening our eyes to the Small Business Life and all it entails. I’ve always tried to support the local business, this will make me do so even more. #BuyLocal

  • Mitch Schulze says:

    I hope I can win one!

  • Peter Graham says:

    Amen brother! Add one more to the list of stores/restaurants I won’t shop at.
    Great article Joe.

  • Hawk says:

    Hey Joe. Great article. How about a list of businesses in the area that are established as anti-2nd amendment?

  • Amen…and that’s coming from an atheistPerfect- and I now own THREE M&p 9mms, including the Shield- which is my CWL carry choice. As a side note…. Glock has now began offering handguns with several grip back strap options. Go figure. Thanks again