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CWL Certification: Why Choose Aegis Tactical?

CWL Certification: Why Choose Aegis Tactical? florida_concealed_carry_class Over the last few months we have been asked by some customers why they can find cheaper classes for Concealed Weapons License certification. The answer is simple: real value and quality of service. For Aegis Tactical, certifying students for concealed carry provides us the opportunity to inform, train and arm responsible adults in our community and prepare them for the reality and legalities of using a firearm for self-defense. We refuse to do the minimum; we create an “above and beyond” experience that shares exceptional knowledge, skills and wisdom in order to deliver superior service to our clients. So, what can you expect when you take a CWL class with Aegis Tactical? The Best Client-Oriented Instructors At Aegis Tactical we don’t just read from a list of generic guidelines that meet the minimum requirement; we answer your questions, tailor the experience to exceed your specific needs and also ensure you leave feeling confident in your ability to defend yourself should the situation ever arise. We also emphasize the ability to explain, within the context of the law, why it was necessary to take the actions you did. Our certified instructors have backgrounds in Law Enforcement, NRA Certified LE Firearms Instruction, Firearms and Tactical SME, CQB Instruction and more. They use their own experiences as well as those of others to teach about the responsibility of being a gun-carrying individual. Not only are you in very capable hands, you are also going to be in an environment that encourages learning and individual development. We also offer a class “For Women By Women”. As the name suggests this is a class for women only that removes the anxiety that some women may experience when entering an industry that has been typically identified as male dominant (even though this is changing rapidly). Here you will find Lindsey, our certified female instructor who will deliver everything you need to ensure you have an excellent experience with your friends, family and new friends you meet in the class. Don’t let Lindsey’s sweet smile and relaxed nature deceive you; she is a true badass and an excellent marksman who will ensure you receive the level of education and training needed to be a competent CWL holder. Sign up with a friend for the For Women By Women class Here today to receive Buy One Get One Free good through June 30th! Use coupon code “lindseyguns”. Basic Firearms Proficiency Whether you are a beginner or advanced shooter, Firearms Proficiency is imperative. A firearm is a powerful tool, and just like any other tool if used improperly can be deadly to yourself and others. The 4 tenets of firearm safety are renowned throughout the gun industry and will be emphasized continually throughout the course*. You will be shown how to properly handle, operate and safely disassemble your firearm. The fact is these basic skills are paramount to you being able to effectively carry and use your firearm in a safe manner during routine operation and in a self-defense situation. The instructors will also discuss ammunition safety and being able to identify such things as the sound of a squib round or a potential hang fire and the inherent dangers thereof. *The 4 tenets of gun safety:
  1. Keep your gun pointed in a safe direction. (Treat every gun as if it is loaded.)
  2. Keep your finger off the trigger until your ready to shoot.
  3. Keep your gun unloaded and secured until you’re ready to use it.
  4. Be certain of your target and what is behind it.
The Legal Quagmire At Aegis Tactical we recognize that knowledge of the laws that surround legally arming yourself is vital to your ability to continue to protect yourself and your family. While we cannot say for sure exactly how you will react during a life or death situation, we can provide you with the knowledge, skill and continued training (through our individual firearms training classes) so that your decision making process may be speedy enough and steadfast when you need it most. Our instructors, with firsthand knowledge of these difficult and stressful situations through their Law Enforcement and Military training experiences can walk you through the potential scenarios as well as test your knowledge gained based on the learnings of the class. The extensive nature of our class is also something that you can show as evidence in a court of law to prove you are a responsible individual and took a course that promoted safety and good decision making when presented with a threat. One last thing; with firearm ownership and use comes great responsibility. Laws change and also differ from state to state. Ultimately you are responsible for knowing what you legally can and cannot do. The decision to carry and conceal a firearm knowing that one day you may have to use it to protect your own life or that of another is quite possibly the biggest of your life. At Aegis Tactical we offer the best training and advice that should hold you in good stead should that need to protect yourself arise. When a life is taken, whether justifiably or otherwise, questions will be asked. Being able to show that you acted in a levelheaded manner (given the situation) and took reasonable action to avert the threat before being forced to use deadly force is vital. Know this; for as long as the nauseating stench of liberal anti-gun bullshit permeates throughout America, they will continue to question whether we should be allowed to protect ourselves with the use of deadly force. To effectively combat this we need to ensure we remain well informed, well trained and use good judgment. Your first step in good judgment will be to book a CWL Class with us today. (TW)

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  1. Aegis is the best place to go for your CWP. Several members of my family took the CWP class from them and the instructors are the best around. I take private lessons from them and the instructors are patient, show you the correct way to handle your gun and they answer all your questions (yes even the ones you think are stupid)This is the only place to go for your CWP. I would not recommend anywhere else to go to get your CWP.

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