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HK VP9 – Review

HK VP9 – ReviewHeckler & Koch is a legendary manufacturer adorned by special forces all around the world. A high-end maker of some of the finest firearms on the planet, they are seen by many as the epitome of tactical weaponry. With the release of the VP9 in 2014 they didn’t just dip their feet […]

Holster Review: Spider Concealment “Tuck and Go” IWB

Holster Review: Spider Concealment “Tuck and Go” IWBA few weeks ago we caused a little uproar on the interwebs when we misquoted the potential impact of using Kydex thermo-plastic material. We released a new video to correct those mistakes and thankfully resolved all of that. The silver lining to the whole affair was that we […]

Friends of NRA Lakewood Ranch Dinner

Friends of NRA Lakewood Ranch DinnerAs I sat this evening watching the second Presidential Debate for the 2016 Election I found myself fearful of an outcome in just a few short weeks that could set off a cataclysmic change to our country. There are a number of policies over the years that have changed and […]

Concealed Carry: The Best Option

Concealed Carry: The Best Option For a short-lived period of time it seemed as though the open carrying of a firearm was gaining momentum in the state of Florida. There was a lot of support on the outskirts, however ultimately it was a tough battle that didn’t make it through the House vote. There are […]

Coming to a Gun Show near You!

Coming to a Gun Show near You! Aegis Tactical has been increasing our presence at gun shows across the state of Florida. We’ve been increasing our visibility and coming out to meet our customers in their local neighborhoods ranging from Orlando to Ft. Lauderdale. We use a few different show hosts and our aim to […]

Selecting the Best Home Defense Weapon

Selecting the Best Home Defense Weapon There are many opinions as to the best home defense weapon. At the gun shows we are asked regularly what we recommend; the answer is not quite so simple. Depending on the individual, the type of home, the specific scenario and a number of other factors the optimal weapon […]

The Hidden Costs of Buying Cheap Ammo

The Hidden Costs of Buying Cheap Ammo The debate over the best ammo has been raging on all over the interwebs for a long time and is hotter than a +P+ round. But while most gun owners seem to be more than willing to spend their well-earned dollars on the self-defense rounds, we all become […]

CWL Certification: Why Choose Aegis Tactical?

CWL Certification: Why Choose Aegis Tactical? Over the last few months we have been asked by some customers why they can find cheaper classes for Concealed Weapons License certification. The answer is simple: real value and quality of service. For Aegis Tactical, certifying students for concealed carry provides us the opportunity to inform, train and […]

Should You Leave Your Gun In The Car?

Should You Leave Your Gun In The Car? We’ve all been there; you’re out running errands and you realize you are heading somewhere where firearms are not allowed. Whether it’s the post office or your kids’ school you can’t legally take your gun with you. So you have a choice to make; don’t bring your […]

Home Defense: Are You Prepared?

  Home Defense: Are You Prepared? You are abruptly awoken in the dead of the night to the deafening tone of your home alarm system. You don’t remember where you left your glasses and can’t see a God damn thing as you frantically search for your handgun in pitch darkness. You find your pistol but […]


US Gun Manufacturing Under Attack: Anti-Gun Lies & Deceit ‘Common sense gun control’ is the new spin on what is essentially a Government effort to disarm its citizens. It starts with a loss of liberty here and a little less freedom there, all under the guise that it makes us safer than a married couple […]

The Importance of Local Business

The Importance of Local Business The idea that ‘you didn’t build that’, as it was so eloquently communicated (note the hint of sarcasm) by the POTUS is one that strikes at the heart of every local, small business owner across the nation. The notion that these entrepreneurs, the quintessential risk takers and forward thinkers (much […]

Aegis Blog Glocks

The Glock pistol, sometimes referred as a Glock “Safe Action” Pistol, is a series of polymer-framed, short recoil-operated, locked breech semi-automatic pistols designed and produced by Glock Ges.m.b.H. The Glock first made its appearance in 1982, used by Austrian military and police, becoming the top performer in both reliability and safety tests, despite initial resistance from the market to accept a […]

Tactical Gifts for Women on Valentine’s Day

Tactical Gifts for Women on Valentine’s Day Do you want to give your wife or girlfriend the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day? How about something that will keep them safe from all the creeps in the world? If so, then the “For Women by Women Firearms Training Class” is the best gift you’ll ever give […]

10 Gifts for Your Man on Valentine’s Day

10 Gifts for Your Man on Valentine’s Day What do you get your man for Valentine’s Day? Here are ten suggestions from Aegis Tactical: Aegis15 Black Optics Ready, made in Sarasota/Bradenton Florida by Aegis Tactical and Armorit! Unique Teflon coating and customized to fit your man’s needs. BASIC FIREARMS TRAINING FOR FLORIDA CONCEALED WEAPONS LICENSE, […]

Gold Rush

Gold Rush At Aegis Tactical, we offer the Ruger LC9s Pro 9mm Gold Slide which features a short, light, crisp trigger pull for faster shooting and improved accuracy. In addition, this Pro model has an integrated trigger safety. It’s slim, lightweight and compact for your personal protection needs. If you’re looking for a unique pistol, […]

New Guns from Shot Show

New Guns from Shot Show At Shot Show, all the celebrities came out to test the latest new guns. The Hulk Lou Ferrigno, Jim West from Wild Wild West Alaska, best selling author Robert Vera, and celebrity author, blogger and hunter Brittany Boddington, along with many more signed autographs and sampled the best new guns […]

Political Gun Responsibility

On December 14th, 2012, a twenty-year-old walked into Sandy Hook Elementary School, then shot 20 children and 6 staff members. This became the starting point for President Obama’s stricter gun control movement. The incident was the deadliest mass shooting at a high school or grade school in U.S. history and fueled the debate on the […]

10 Reasons to be Thankful for Your Gun

10 Reasons to be Thankful for Your Gun For those of you who have purchased a gun at Aegis Tactical, you understand all the reasons why to be thankful that you had made such an important and lifesaving decision. Here’s a reminder for those of you who still haven’t visited Aegis for professional advice. 10 […]

Aegis Now Selling FUSION!

Aegis Now Selling FUSION! Aegis Tactical is now selling the Fusion Premier Series, hand crafted custom grade pistols. All are hand built in the Fusion Custom Shop with high desirable features and options for today’s shooter and collector. The frame and slide on the Premier Series start out with all forged stainless steel construction and […]

Guns for Women by Women

Guns for Women by Women The first question Aegis Tactical will ask women that are considering purchasing a gun will be, “What’s the main purpose for having a gun?” A common answer will be, “Protection.” If a man wants to grab a woman, sling her over his shoulder, and attempt to kidnap her, things will […]

Aegis Open House

Aegis Tactical is having an Open House for everyone on Sunday, October 11th, 2015 from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. There will be: Food Games Prizes Gun Giveaway and more! One of the best reasons to stop by Aegis is to see for yourself the professionalism in the store, along with the quality guns, products, […]


TAVOR Rifle Did you ever consider purchasing a rifle for the simple reason that it looks cool? Aegis Tactical carries the IWI TAVOR, used in films such as World War Z, Max Payne, and Resident Evil, along with the video game, Battle Field 4.   Maybe you want to purchase a rifle because of the […]

Which Guns are Best for Women?

Which Guns are Best for Women? There are several ways for a woman to choose the perfect gun. It all starts with coming in and speaking to one of our knowledgeable instructors to guide you in the right direction. [youtube_sc url=”″] Reasons for a woman to have a gun: Protection (You’re going to conceal and […]